Thursday, April 30, 2015

School Bukul

Amazed at the toddler summer program at Prep Camp.

Bakit Nung 80s school wasn't this fun? First hour is for free play indoors then outdoors then hands should be washed.  

Recess follows after then story telling and arts and crafts 👀 

There are also special days such as Futbol Fanatics for TTH.

Plus special water fun days.

We also had a fun field trip at Avilon where we saw a lot of animals 🙉

Looking forward to our last week in school :)

Gavin Turns 2

Our impromptu school party was quite successful few days before his birthday.
I cooked kiddie macaroni and our helper prepared the hotdog with marshmallow.
Brought some hats, the piñata and giveaways for the kids too.
I was also glad that I was able to buy sugar cake decor to make the cake more personal :)

Teacher Irene made the invitations :)

   Our giveaways

      Our DIY food pack :)

     Iye cream sabi nga ni Gavin


    Story telling time after

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Almost There

I miss having a baby in my arms.
I miss smelling baby's breath and skin beside me when I sleep.
Just a little bit senti as the not so baby boy started toddler summer school...
And just like that, he is a baby no more :/

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

First Day High

Today, Gavin and I went to the pre-school for a summer toddler class.

Dear Gavin,

In case you are wondering why I am dragging you as early as 2 years old to school, 
it's really because I want to give you 2 hours in a day to spend time with people your age,
and not be stuck at home with just grown ups. Have fun being a kid with kids :)

I hope and pray that it will help you talk and communicate properly.
I also hope that it will teach you to be kind and play fair.
I do wish that you can gain a friend at the end of it all.
Plus most importantly, I hope that you get to have a great time every day.

Today, I learned that you are far more braver than mommy.
You didn't cry on your first day and you immediately ran to the toys when you entered class.
You also had the biggest smile running after the ball in the field.
You made your first artwork today and I am amazed it was a cloud and the rainbow.

I hope school will be fun and I hope it will teach you to sit still for longer periods of time.
Hope you learn to eat by yourself even if it's just cookies.
Hope you learn to say your name, and mine too.

I am so happy today, until I realized that you are not a baby anymore.
Where did my baby Gavin go, the one that I held in one arm to sleep?


Here Comes The Sun

Summer started as soon as Holy Week went by.
Here we are taking a dip at the pool last Black Saturday.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Sometime in March, we were able to visit Osaka for the first time.
Gavin, my sisters and I arrived earlier.  It was only us on the plane and only us at Universal.
Until now, I cannot remember how I survived. Haha! It was raining and it was so cold when we went to Universal.  I left the rain stroller cover in Manila so I had to convert a raincoat to a quasi rain over to no avail.  I guess the little boy was cold and uncomfortable as the stroller was wet.  He was crying 80% of the time when we were in Hogwarts.  He didn't want to ride the stroller and wanted to be carried.  I thought I was going to pass out, seriously! 

Gavin was so excited when we arrived at Sesame Street. Thank God it was indoors!!!
My companions, by then, were exhausted so they rested at the cafe while I was left to run around bulilit.  He almost fell on a flight of stairs ... My gosh talaga! I shouted and thank goodness he suddenly stopped his fast running feet.  Nevertheless, it was all worth it, happy si bulilit :)

The next day, we were lucky enough to catch the limited Thomas The Train express train to Kyoto.
We went to Fushimi Inari.  If you have gone there, you know that there are a lot of flights of stairs to reach the top.  We had a stroller and of course, we couldn't leave Gavin alone, Haha! So we had to carry the stroller until the top (-_-) 

We went to Gion after.  I think he was not able to sleep long so he had terrible tantrums thereafter.  The grand parentals wanted to carry him because he didn't stop crying in spite of my stern warning.  Hence, we had crying fits the whole of traversing through Gion.  He bumped his head on a bamboo as well.  Saying that it was a stressful day was an understatement. Perhaps when I am 50, I will look back to that day with fondness :D hahahaha! But seriously, I will never forget how we walked for about 2 kilometers with a wailing child. Some people would say how lucky we are to travel with bulilit in tow, but really, it takes a lot of stamina and patience to survive.  

     Outside a geisha restaurant with a crying baby.

On our last day, we just had two goals - eat & shop.
We had the most memorable meal ever at M.
Plus shopping at Shinshaibashi after was loads of fun. 

Hope we can visit Osaka again in the future :)

     Matchy matchy with Ninang 

Kindermusik Graduation Wiggle & Grow

How time flies!  We started Kindermusik at 6 months for a short module then joined a summer class.  We were absent on both graduations as we were out of town.  For Gavin's last module, we made sure that we are present for the certificate day :)

     Baby Bubut class :)

     Kindermusik Cockadoodlemoo 

       We love caterpillar!!!

             Kindermusik Peekaboo I Love You

    We love swaying in the blanket!

Still can't believe that we started when he was like a tiny caterpillar and now, ang gulo gulo na!
Even as a baby, the Kindermusik CD soothes him when he is antsy.
When he started to walk, he was so possessive of the toys and was always crying during pack away time. Now, nauuna pa siya with returning the toys back. 

      We learned how to play with musical instruments!

    We learned how to traverse a tunnel!

     We went on a parachute :)

     We got a stamp every week!

The classes also helped in giving us ideas on what activities can we do together, how we can practice his motor skills and how to differentiate textures and shapes. A parent is required to join the classes with her child every session.  It became our weekly bonding time. 

Thank you Teacher Marah ng Teacher Pia of being Gavin's first teachers! 

    Kindermusik Wiggle & Grow 

PS thank you Lolo and Lola for always going with us